Something like 40% of us live alone.  Many of us do so by choice. Bht the world isn’t ready for us. I just read this article in the NY Times and here’s my response:

This IS terrifying. All the measures described are just stopgap; the real issue is that we don’t live today for the way these systems were designed. Even if you have kids, chances are they’ll be far away and they won’t always honor your wishes.

The greed of the medical profession that motivates them to keep doing more and more is the real issue. One of my acquaintances had her mother’s power of attorney and care directive. She told the medical people not to resuscitate her mother if a heart attack occurred during surgery. The anesthesiologist point blank refused. He didn’t want the paperwork associated with a death and didn’t want a death recorded on his table.

Even with a relative who was right there, the doctors were unwilling to listen.

Sadly, what this means is many people will commit suicide or forego care in earlier stages to avoid being stuck in this helpless position.