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Image by Ioann Mark Kuznietsov on Unsplash

1- Refusing Treatment by Moshe Frenkel (now at MD Anderson Cancer Center)
A beautiful article, written by a physician about a patient when he was in practice in Israel. He is now on staff at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Integrative Medicine. [A beautiful article I wish everyone would read.]

2 – How a bone disease grew to fit the prescription – NPR Expose
When did osteopenia become a medical problem? When a drug company wanted to sell more drugs.
Encourages us to be skeptical of guidelines.

3 – Overdiagnosed  by Gilbert Welch
(also his book Less Medicine More Health)
The truth about the value of screening tests by a public health physician, on faculty at Dartmouth and now Brigham Womans.

***4 – Ezekiel Emanuel – Why I Hope To Die At 75
Update in 2023: YouTube Video
Earlier video – Interview with NPR

***5 – Never Say Die by Susan Jacoby
She tells it like it is.The real deal on aging.

6 – They Think We’re Crazy – by Paula Caplan
Dated but the basic premise remains true. The whole DSM classification system is not based on science, but on a group of people (at that time, mostly men) sitting around a conference table.

***7 – What If Age Is Nothing But A Mindset – NY Times article
Reports on Ellen Langer’s experiment, which has been criticized by academics but nevertheless demonstrates some profound truths. She just published a book that looks good also – The Mindful Body.
Fascinating follow-up replication by the BBC reported here.

8 – Being Mortal by Atul Gawande

***9 –  Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup
A board-certified OB-GYN gives down-to-earth advice on aging (some graphic discussions).

10 –  How Medicine Works & What To Do When It Doesn’t by Perry Wilson, MD.
I don’t agree with everything in this book. Mainly I think it doesn’t go far enough in advocating change. The author is a nephrologist at Yale.

***And my book of course: When I Get Old I Plan To Be A Bitch

***Breaking the Age Code by Becca Levy [Good points on stereotypes. A little too cheery for me otherwise.]
***This Chair Rocks by Ashton Applewhite.


JAMA article on statins as non-predictors of cardiovascular disease
Also Barbara Roberts, MD – The Truth About Statins
Disclosure: I know Barbara Roberts, who was a classmate in my undergrad program. She’s a very distinguished cardiologist who also wrote a book about her exciting life, including being a cardiologist to a Mafia don in Rhode Island: The Doctor Broad.

It’s Time to Retire BMI as a Clinical Metric | MedPage Today