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aging and stereotypes

Image by Jackson Films on Unsplash.

“If you’re both wearing blue shirts you must be friends.” – Click here.
People don’t make friends on the basis of age.`

“How old are you when everything changes? – Click here.
Yes there is a point where everything changes, but you can’t predict that age for a particular person.
Research now shows that aging doesn’t happen continuously but in waves, with of course some room for variance.

What’s wrong with the advice to dress for your age? Click here.
Wear what you want … nobody’s paying attention! This is the most popular article I’ve ever written.

3 questions about aging we shouldn’t have time for – Click here.

Let’s stop saying “You know you’re old when…” Click here.

Claude Steele – Whistling Vivaldi – why stereotypes are so persuasive – Click here.

Movie – Age of Champions (google it).