Here’s what I sent to the author of Milestones, a tabloid for “seniors.”

The story on “elder orphans” raised several questions for me.

The term “elder orphans” is deeply offensive to many people who are aging without family. An orphan is a child without parents. We’re talking about adults without children. The term is infantilizing.

Additionally, the problem of planning for end of life as well as care during illness is not limited to elders. Anyone’s spouse could die or decide to leave; I know several women who were “dumped” in their mid-fifties. Children can be unreliable, far away, or estranged. There’s no guarantee that children will carry out your wishes; we’ve all heard stories of the grown children who fly in and start making decisions for parents they haven’t seen in years.

As for care, something like 90% of elder abuse comes from family.

This story also implies that older people who live alone are lonely. Many of us would rather be dead than share our living space. In her book, Never Say Die, Susan Jacoby describes a man who’s forced to start living with a caretaker. He steals the caretaker’s car keys, drives to a bridge and jumps off. Many older people can relate.

What’s needed are three things:

1 – A way to allow the elderly to see meaningful employment — something that gets rewarded for good performance. Not every elder wants to leave a legacy Many older people are isolated because of age discrimination in the workplace. One of Trump’s lawyers is 84 years old. Nancy Pelosi is in her late 70s. Most people their age would be considered too old for any job except greeter in a big box store. Getting paid means being recognized and valued. Many older people have trouble reaching out and getting involved because they don’t have money — and because working creates bonds.

I’m older than the people you mentioned in the article. I work on the Internet; there’s no way I could get a meaningful face to face job. And when I meet people, they don’t ask what I do; they ask, “Are you retired?”

2 – Currently age discrimination is not considered politically incorrect. Older women are disrespectfully addressed as “Gramma” or referred to as “grannies.” Jokes about older people needing diapers don’t help. Think of the song, “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.” Imagine a similar song about black people or gays.

3 – Everybody – not just the elderly – needs to be able to set up advance directives for end of life care, stored in the cloud. Those who set this up could get a bracelet or tattoo with the URL holding these wishes. We need strict laws to prevent overeager medical people from violating these wishes. This is the 21st century. I did my last mortgage without touching a piece of paper. Our ability to die as we wish should not depend on a live medical proxy.

And we need assisted dying. There’s no way to maintain quality of life in most nursing homes. Without constant vigilance by a capable advocate, the inmates will be abused.

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