Back when I was doing improv, we were at the last class. One of the guys says, “It’s nice to see you playing with the kids.”
“Kids? That guy over there has white hair. He’s not a kid. Anyway, what difference does it make?

So in the last few days I started making notes.

7/15 – In the Clay Studio I tell the joke about telling tourists my dog is an authentic colonial dog. Nice guy says, “They think you’re this crazy old lady.”
Me: Crazy? I’m going to come here and make a crack about gays.
Him: “I’ll probably agree with you.” (He’s gay. It’s probably okay.)

7/17: Image on LinkedIn: “Software so simple even a grandma could use it.” Ageist AND Sexist.

7/18 – Today I’m watching a CreativeLive video on vlogs. The charming, very young presenter (who speaks with the usual “young people’s accent”) says, “You vary your presentation for your audience. If they’re older, you might want to go slower.”