10th open mic

Sunday – at Green Frog (pseuconym) – definitely a letdown. I was tired to start and then felt edgy while I was waiting. I got there early – #2 on the sign-up list and #1 was an “in” guy who got the first half. Made me wonder what’s going on, especially as the young woman I’ll call Malika got on first in the second half last time I was here. Her first appearance was a disaster – she was poorly prepared and went at least three minutes over. The second time she was much more polished, prepared and funny. I wanted to ask her what made the difference but didn’t get a chance.

I’ve got to think of some way to handle the waiting time! Maybe get there really late? Some comics do 2 clubs in one night so I’ll be trying that this evening. First a club I’ve never done and then Mermaid (another pseudonym).

In my ceramics class someone told me she’s a big fan of comedy. she had a lot of insights – you can’t overthink it or take it too seriously. You have to let go. She’s terrified to getting up in front of people and chose a job where she doesn’t interact with the public, yet she’s warm and friendly in person.

I hate choosing just zone set to work on, so I’ll go with these 3:

Being single / also set up as “holiday dinner”

The hippie (pieces of which can be used elsewhere)

The health and aging one

I’m gonna drop customer service, although I love some of that material; airline stuff isn’t as exciting. So I’ll prep these 3 till I’m sick of them and see what happens, maybe alternating weekly.

There’s still some bias against female comics. One experienced guy said he hates to hear a woman use strong language and images. Two comics who followed me said, “I f—-d Cathy” as a joke. The second time I just yelled out, “That’s not original. Someone else just said that.”

But truthfully I don’t mind. At least they’re not seeing me as an old lady.

I want to keep doing this more often. So I just made a momentous decision to skip the alumni holiday party (which means dressing up) in favor of more comedy. I’m getting more rewards and those folks tend to be a little stuffy. I doubt anything will come from them.

Goal: 100 stand-up comedy open mics

#7 was last Sunday – went pretty well and got some laughs. This is the “hippi” routine. When I watch the video I realize I left out a whole paragraph of material and the routine goes better.

This is kind of an odd thing to be doing as I approach age 69. May Sarton wasn’t doing this when she wrote “At Seventy.”