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badseniorjokeToday someone posted this on Facebook. It may seem harmless enough, but why do seniors feel they must point out their weaknesses? Why crack jokes about fading hair, lost memory and thicker waistlines?

And then we wonder why we can’t get hired for jobs or invited to be speakers. People have an image of a senior person as someone who’s always running to the doctor, tripping and falling (and breaking bones) and worse, having obnoxious gastrointestinal issues.

First of all, most people don’t have these problems. We’re programed. Doctors are trained to associate physical changes with disease. It’s just recently that we’re hearing that higher blood pressure numbers are normal for people over 60. Like … hello!

Today in the gym a man was working on a machine near the mat where I was doing abs. He commented, “That’s a great exercise.”

I said, “Yes, I learned it in one of the classes. It’s hard but it’s good.”

“At our age we have to be extra careful,” he said.

I had no idea what that meant or how to answer, but luckily you’re not expected to converse when you’re doing abs with the ball.